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Ethics: Strive to Be Better Essay

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Strive To Be Better: Personal Responsibility and Personal Choice
Anthony David Phillips

Strive To Be Better: Personal Responsibility And Personal Choice
Personal Responsibility is the act of holding oneself responsible for his or her own actions, or inactions that lead to success or failure. Right or wrong, personal responsibility dictates that individuals are ultimately responsible for what they do or do not achieve. This paper will show that even though individuals often look for shortcuts or easy outs when pressed for time; individuals are personally responsible for moral actions that affect others and their environment. Individuals should hold their selves to the highest standard of conduct, always strive to be better and aim to be the best in all endeavors, to secure a better world.
            Personal responsibility holds an individual responsible for the tasks they have performed, and how they accomplished those tasks. The person will be able to complete goals which will in turn increase their confidence in their abilities. This will lead him, or her to continue seeking other challenges to complete. In between the tasks, their sense of responsibility empowers them in meeting their objectives. Setting goals and achieving them sets the stage for success.
            When one sets a goal, one should strive to achieve that goal in a manner that will justify having completed the goal in a responsible manner. The person should begin the task with an honest approach and strive to complete the goal using good intentions and proper values. Our world has been built on the principles of hard work and being responsible for ones actions. Laws ensure that criminals are held responsible for their actions. Personal responsibility is the value that holds an individual accountable for their actions.
Col. Brad Ashley (2007) states in a U.S. Air Force newsletter, “For example, in an earlier assignment, I was leaving a building and noticed an Airman throwing trash out...

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