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Ethics Games Essay

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Ethics are Games We Play
May 7, 2013

Ethics are games we play
The paper will review the ethical issues that pertain to the simulation of “The Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet.”   The decisions involved in this exercise will be from the author based on his ethical decisions.   Recent studies from ASAE Center for Association Leadership found the more and more organizations are finding ethical training is an integral component of their business.   As more companies are finding ethical training helps to run an effective workplace, the understanding of what ethical issues business-people face has increased (Miranda Morley).

What were the ethical issues presented in the simulation?
The first issue with the ethical assignment was the mysterious rose.   This was an issue of a female employee “Gayle Dornier” that worked for G-BioSport.   Gayle received roses from a mysterious employee.   This made her feel uncomfortable.   The fellow employee who was thought to be sending Gayle the roses was Bill Witherspoon.   Gayle wanted to discuss the roses confidential.   The problem with discussing the issue in confidence is it could be reported to Human Resources.  
The second issue in the exercise is the cold feet.   This is an ethical situation in which someone has copied another employee’s work.   The division Medical Director Phillip Waters has given false information.   The information given is used in an article for research.   The ethical dilemma is whether or not to blow the whistle on the false information used in the article.  

What decision-making steps did you take to ethically address these issues?
For both situations used in the ethical games “Mysterious Roses” and “Cold Feet” you had to identify who to investigate.   Another issue was determining who the primary stakeholders are and how the decision process will affect the interested parties.  
There are no universally agreed rules of ethics, no absolute standards or controls, and no fixed, and firm reference points....

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