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Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: mrsteama
  • on October 4, 2013
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Ethics Essay
Charles E Tobler Jr
August 7th, 2013
Professor Vivian E. Blaize

Ethics Essay
This essay discusses deontological theory, utilitarianism, virtue theory, and the differences each theory portrays. The common denominator these three theory’s have is the understanding of doing the moral thing or the right thing. To understand each theory is to rationalize how each correlates with the other. For the most part, each theory has a moral value, with each being different in itself.
According to Boylan (2009),virtue theory, along the lines of character ethics, takes the viewpoint that in living life you should try to cultivate excellence in all that you do and all that others do. In other words, Lebron James as an athlete achieves excellence in professional basketball. On the other hand, a deacon in a church achieves moral excellence by his upbringing. The ethical morality of virtue ethics is addressing a person’s character to be wholly good or exceptional.
Utilitarianism is theory that suggests an action is morally right when that action produces more total utility for the group than any other alternative (Boylan, 2009 p 153). An example of this is a player on a soccer team decides to let another player with the same skill set play in the place of him or her in order to achieve the goal of winning the game. The team player chose to sit the bench for the greater good of the team, instead of being selfish. Utilitarianism’s morality frame entices us to believe one can achieve maxim greatness by following its theory.
Deontological theory emphasizes one’s duty to do a particular action just because the action, itself, is inherently right and not through any other sorts of calculations (Boylan, 2009 p 171). Deontological theory is often contrasted to virtue ethics in that deontological theory bases an action on principle while the later bases actions on excellence in character. Deontological theory is also a theory that falls within the domain of...

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