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Ethics Essay

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Ethics Essay
Tiffany Love
Sherry Washington

Ethics Essay
Virtue theory is one of many theories that are related to moral behaviors. Virtue theory is a classification within normative ethics that tries to determine and classify what may be believed of ethical character, and to apply the right character as a base for one’s selections and actions. The overall idea behind Virtue theory is that is emphasizes on what the individual would choose for their personal innermost behavior rather than the individual trusting solely on the external rules and duties of the person’s values, and if a person’s behavior is good then the person’s choices and actions be good as well. One weakness of this ethical theory is that it does not take into consideration a person's change in moral character (1).
  The Utilitarianism theory, to some would be considered a large word but this theory is used every day by many people on a regular bias. Utilitarianism is when a deed is right if it produces as much or more of a growth in pleasure when all are affected by it than any unusual action, and wrong if it does not promote pleasure or happiness.   There are source of volatility within the act of utilitarianism, it is evident when a utilitarian faces one set of changeable circumstances and then swiftly experiences an adjustment in those variables that causes them to change their first choice. This means that an act utilitarian could be nice to you one moment and then dislike you the next moment because the variables have changed, and you are no longer beneficial to the most people (2). This ethical system is determines morality by the end result.
The Deontological theory states that people should remain to their standards and duties when examining an ethical problem. This means that a person will pursue their obligations to another character or culture because keeping one's duty is what is measured morally right. For example, a deontologist (a person that takes on...

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