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Ethics Essay

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My views on ethics in the healthcare setting consist of how a system should work guided   principles, fairness, and equality.   In this essay, I will tell you about a situation that I have experienced in a work environment whereas core values of autonomy and justice were not satisfied.   I believe that an ethical person should uphold their duties by implementing systems that will give everyone in the workplace a chance to advance and succeed in today‚Äôs economy.

When there is a system put in place it should be followed.   This once again gives employees a chance to gain a promotion for advancement in many cases.   If a system is not followed usually, an employee has to follow the chain of command, which consists of going to that supervisor or manager to define why the system was broken.   There was once an inexperienced person that was placed in a position on a job that I was hired and fully trained to be placed in.   She was given the position over me because she and the manager were best friends.   Therefore, I was told that as the company continued to expand another position will come up and I would be sure to get it.   I felt that this was unfair and that if the system were followed then I would have gotten my promotion.   The Golden Rule raised me and since I felt bamboozled, I decided to resign and join another organization.   At this point, I felt no loyalty or security in that job.

Sometimes a way a person is raised has to do a lot with their morals and principles in life.   My parents always taught me to have great integrity and be fair and honest in life.   I personally feel that if you are in management then you should not allow your personal relationships with people to affect your decision making because that can result in high turnovers.

If I were a manager, my personal ethics would allow me to look into the background of a person to determine whether he or she qualifies for a position.   I would never hire a friend or relative in a position over an...

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