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Ethics Essay

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Ethics Essay

Ethics Essay
There are many theories in ethics and morality.   Some of the theories have very different approaches, but many share similar ideas.  
Virtue ethics is the belief that every person should try to breed perfection and excellence in everything that they do. Whether the actions take place at a job, at home, or at a leisurely event, each action should be completed to the best of one's abilities. Being the best person that one can be without harming others is the best way to sum up virtue ethics. Virtue ethics applies to the entire Span of someone's life, not just one singular event (Boylan, 2009).
Virtue ethics can be traced back only so far in history, but its earliest roots can be found in the works of Greek and roman scholars.   Plato wrote in Gorgias that "it is better to suffer from injustice than it is to cause it," (Boylan, 2009).   This statement written by Plato shares its basic belief system on that of virtual ethics. Courage, self control, wisdom, and justice are the four pillars of virtue ethics but many scholars claim that these four pillars are too vague and can be interpreted differently by different people. The four pillars although vague, act as the stepping stones of the virtue ethics belief system and can help guide a human being to a greater way of living. Ethics are the central block that virtue ethics a based on and every action that one may complete must be done in a way that betters oneself and those around them (Boylan, 2009).
Deontology is a belief that any person should complete an action just because the action is the right thing to do.   Deontology does not take any sort of consequences into consideration it emphasizes doing the right thing above everything else.   The word deontology literally means the account of the musts in other words the things everyone must do.   Deontology is based on a morality structure where every being must do what is moral...

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