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Ethics: Abortion Essay

  • Submitted by: jaclynmm
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Throughout the years, abortion has continued to be one of the most controversial issues throughout the world. There has been much debate regarding one’s right to choose and one’s right to live: pro-choice and pro- live. This issue of abortion has been an extremely sensitive topic among the people of the world. With each extreme view, this issue sees no universal solution in the near future. Achieving a universal solution on the issue of abortion seems nearly impossible, given the diverse cultures throughout the world. There are so many critical factors that come into play when determining whether or not abortion is justifiable. I, for one, believe that the sole justification to an abortion is in the case of a mother’s life being terminated due to the pregnancy. While these situations may be rare, I believe that the decision rests in the mother’s hands. It is up to her whether or not she opts to have an abortion due to the fact that it is her life that is in potential danger. If the mother’s life is in potential danger, then it is not a sure thing that the newborn’s life wont be in danger as well. This may be an extremely rare case throughout the world, but I believe it is the only case where an abortion can be considered. Despite this single justification, abortion should be qualified as immoral and therefore be illegal.
Abortion is immoral and should be illegal for many humane reasons. Abortion is defined as the act of killing an innocent potential life. Killing is immoral and inhumane and there should be no exceptions to that conclusion. Since killing is immoral and inhumane, then abortion is as well. I strongly believe that abortion should be illegal due to the parallels drawn between killing and abortion. I will now go into more detail to support the many reasons as to why abortion is immoral and should be illegal.
There are undoubtedly two sides to the issue of abortion, neither of which should go without being spoken about since both make...

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