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Ethics Essay

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Below is an essay on "Ethics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I   have   chosen   case 2   as   my   essay   topic   that   involves   patient’s   consent   to   nursing   treatment.   I   strongly   feel   that   the patient   does   not   automatically   gives   the   consent   to   the   treatment   at   the   start of   his/her   admission   only. The   main   aim   of   my   essay   would   be   to   present   a   research   based   arguement   &   defend   my   selection .My   goal   would   be   to   provide   a   structured   approach   for   identifying   ,   analysing   &   resolving   the   ethical   issues   in   my   selected   case.
In   my   opinion,   practice of   informed   consent   should   be   respected   by   the   nurse. Although   much of   the   debate   lies   in   the   discussion   of   cases   where   people   are   unable   to   make   choices   about their   own   treatment   due   to   being   incapacitated   or   having   a   mental   illness   that   affects   their judgement.  
(Tuckett, Anthony ,2004,pp 500-513).
A   way   to   maintain   autonomy   is   for   the   person   to   write   an   advance   directive, outlining   how   they   wish   to   be   treated   in   the   event   of   them   not   being   able   to   make   an informed   choice , thus   avoiding   unwarranted   paternalism. This   is   because   nursing   theory   seeks   a collaborative   relationship   with   the   person   in   care.   Themes   that   emphasizes   respect for   the   autonomy   and   dignity of   the   patient   by   promoting   choice and   control   over their   environment   are   commonly   seen. This   is   in   contrast   to   paternalistic   practice where   the   health   professional   chooses   what   is   in   the   best   interests   of   the   person from   a     perspective   of   wishing   to   cure   them.
(Hunt, Geoffrey ,2005,pp56-57)

Informed   consent   is   defined   as   voluntary   acceptance   by   a competent   patient   of   a plan   for   medical   care   after   physician   adequately   discloses   the   proposed   plan, its risks   and   benefits, alternative   approaches.  

(Druml C.,2004,pp 570-3)...

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