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Ethical or Impractical Essay

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Ethical or Impractical?
      The Public and Medical Research
      By Ansasiacia Butel
      November 11, 2013
      Proffesor Marsha Howard
      Bio 1053- plagues and petulance
      Ethical reasoning paper assignments
The issue of medical testing with regards to both humans and animals will always pose as an ever evolving ethical dilemma for scientists and governments. However I believe it is the responsibilities of these institutional bodies to understand that the ethics of a decade is subject to the events of it’s time. So to put such an emphasis on whether a practice is ethical, based on public scrutiny will ultimately hinder the scientific process. In plain speak trying to please interests groups ethical agendas will only create an unstable, constantly changing standard for scientific experimentation.
      In human testing the practice of receiving informed consent has become one of the neutralizing factors implemented to curve public scrutiny; however the same standard would be impossible to implement with animals. Even with safe guards in place there is the constant issue of whether or not the given experiment violates the rights of the humans or animals that participate in them, and lastly necessity comes to mind. In the case of medical experimentation can we always justify the goals of our research? These seem to be the most relevant facets of the ethical dilemmas faced by scientists as well as our governing body today.
      One of the standards for individuals to participate in medical research is for that individual to provide informed consent, a practice designed to ensure that subjects are “more aware” of their rights as well as the implications evolved in the study (Lerner). However this provides as sturdy and ethical safe guard as duck tape on a leaking pipe. Based on demographic the level of instruction necessary to enable adequate understanding can change dramatically. It would be overly presumptuous to say you can ensure that an...

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