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Ethical Behavior Essay

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Now there is a growing awareness of ‘responsible commerce’, which is considered to be something or an action related to the business or organizational ethics, moral standards, including religion and business morality, as well as etiquette and professional codes. To gain a better understanding of responsible commerce, the word ‘corporation’ can be taken as an example.

It turned out that a corporation is a toy just like a doll without soul and thoughts. A beautiful and attractive doll needs thoughtful dress up, similarly, a corporation do. To operate a company successfully, apart from providing customers with products of safety and high quality, lots of factors need to be considered, like social responsibility.

Firstly, building a long-term relationship with their suppliers and customers is quite important, because this is the link to help the suppliers, the customers and themselves to get sustainable development.

Secondly, contributions to the society and the economy will be made by the company through making excellent employment decisions, attending charities and protecting the environment. If it is a responsible company, then it would concerns about these issues and would pay much attention to its environmental responsibilities. Bearing this idea in mind, the decision makers and designers must give much consideration to environmental problems when choosing the materials and worship. Because this would affects people living around, if they don’t make a good decision.

Responsible commerce is assumed to be the best way to regain the license to operate from society; therefore, it is necessary for businesses to do something good to enhance their goodwill. Measuring the ability of a firm can act responsibly in the long term is the best way to judge whether it is successful or not, that is why Milton Friedman said,’ the business of a business is business.’

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