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Est1 Task 1 Essay

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Company Q’s attitude toward social responsibility is not very good and appears to be nonexistent. Lack of social responsibility affects their business and the community’s perception of their business. The fact that they are a small grocery chain makes it even more important for them to socially responsible.   When you are a small local business your success is determined by the local people that may or may not choose to do business with you because of certain factors. If they feel that you are going to “take care of them” by participating in and being active in the community, then they will “take care of you” by shopping in your store or buying your goods and services.
I do not think that the company closing the stores in the higher crime rate areas of town was a very good idea. I am sure that the high crime rate of the area is not the only reason they were losing money.   Closing those stores is not helping the community. By remaining open they provide jobs to people who may not have a job otherwise and then they may turn to crime as a way to survive. There is also now going to be a building sitting empty for an unforeseen amount of time that will eventually become vandalized and possibly used as a hang out for criminals. The idea is to make the areas of town that are filled with crime undesirable to criminals.
The store should not have taken years to comply with customers requests for the healthy and organic food items. Mainly because if the customers can’t get what they want at the local level then they will take their business elsewhere so that they can get the items they desire. The famous movie line “If you build it they will come” from “Field of Dreams”, the voice Ray heard told him if he built the baseball field he would have baseball players come visit which included his dad, well in Company Q’s situation if you stock it they will come! The health conscience and organic products are very expensive, and I can see why they would hesitate to carry those...

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