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Essay Writing

  • Submitted by: roxann22
  • on March 1, 2014
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Violence is becoming quite dominantly in our school today, people belief the only way to deal with violence is to get tough by immediately expel those involved. I don’t belief expulsion should be the only resource it must use only has a last resort after trying different solution to solve the problem. Every child is entitled to a sound education so they can be useful citizen.

Violence can stem from students under performing in their school work, pressure from their fellow peers to uphold social status to look and behave a certain way can lead to neglect in their education can lead to bad behaviour plus they become idle in school which can lead to physical/mental bulling of their peers, a special curriculum for those student who are failing should be design as a afterschool club or a one-on-one session.

In addition poor parenting at home can lead to violence this need to be addressed, the natural cycle from ancestors to ancestor of solving a problematic child is to resort to verbally and physically abuse i.e. beating and shouting etc. which will lead the child to use such method to solve their problems as well. School need to work closely with parent and child with the help of Children Development Agency, parenting as a subject on a whole need to be taught in school this need to be address by the ministry of education, America education system teaches parenting in there high school curriculum this will provide future parent a better understanding of   a much more stable   environment   for their child(ren).

As a teacher you are responsible of providing a stable learning environment

These student have lost their way we owe it to them to provide them with a sound education

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