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Essay Nationalism Modern

  • Submitted by: paullyj
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: History
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    (A) Infant mortality and life expectancy

    (B) Social determinants and groups at risk

    (C) Rate of occurrence and patterns of distribution

    (D) Priority areas for action and health promotion initiatives
    (A) It provides a clear purpose for new health promotion initiatives

    (B) It can indicate that stigmas are being broken down and people are more willing to seek treatment

    (C) It generates greater income for the health sector, which is advantageous for the health budget

    (D) It is likely to mean that incidence rates for other, often more serious health conditions must be declining\   4. Why is it important to empower individuals as a way of promoting health?

    (A) Health promotion is most effective when it targets people in the community on an individual basis

    (B) Individuals are more likely to make healthy choices for themselves when they have the knowledge, skills and capacity to do so

    (C) Individuals need to develop a high degree of physical strength and power, as they are each significant components of good health

    (D) The best health outcomes are achieved for a population when selected individuals have the power to make health decisions for the majority

  5. The graph below identifies trends in incidence for selected cancers, 1984 to 2004 (source: Australia’s Health 2008, AIHW p177).


What factor is likely to have most contributed to the incidence patterns of prostate cancer since 1989 (see arrow)?

    (A) Increased life expectancy

    (B) The introduction of SPF 30+ sunscreen

    (C) Increased levels of tobacco smoking by women in the 1960’s and 1970’s

    (D) Increased availability and use of a more effective screening test

  6. Which of the following is an accurate description of the nature of cancer?

    (A) Blood supply to the body’s extremities becomes disrupted

    (B) Blood vessels supplying the heart and brain become completely...

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