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  • on March 25, 2014
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We are arguing that everyone should not experience Rainbow Soda even just once. Even the smallest amount of rainbowsoda can lead to addtion and negative effects on one's health and distort oneself
To prove that rainbow soda leads to addiction, We can look at Baker Hans when he thought" Alittle taste could hardly do any harm"(2410). Hans was also under the impression that a small taste would not but harmful however, after he drank he he thought i decided i would never part with this bottle and i would refill it as it was empty"(241) This shows that even the most dimunitive amount or rainbow soda in any amount can definitely lead to addiction. When drinking rainbow soda people are distorted and not in the right mind state as exihibited in the Cards and in Baker Hans. They do not view life as one should. They do not question anything and are not curious about life which because of this would reduce the intellectual progression of society.
As for as your point is concerned. Even to experience once it is dangerous as depicted by Baker Hans in the earlier quote. One sip can have great impact so to experience both sides is highly dangerous. The detriments far outweigh the benefits

The centre of diesease control. reports that Every day in the United States, 105 people die as a result of drug overdose. You would not advocate drug use who why encourage Rainbow soda. The soda has too many negative impacts to be benefical. Along with negative mental and physical effects the rainbow soda degrades society because society cannot progress on an intellectual level or otherwise if people repeat the same meaningless taks everyday without curiousity about themselives or philosolize about things in life. The Joker himself said "WIthout the lie-nectar the little fool thinks more clearly" Society as a whole improves without rainbow. It distorts your vision of the big picture. It is beacuse of the dangerous effects of the soda we are so critical of it as it Drugged up on the soda...

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