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  • on March 2, 2014
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Answers to Seminar activities FOB Week 5 Communication

Activity 1: Communication

This is on p. 179 of the Key Text (2007) but don’t let students look until they have had a go themselves! Many students are amazed to discover the true meanings of these words, although they should also bear in mind that when they use them correctly they may not be correctly understood.
The last word in the list is an example of jargon (in our own field of academia) again a worthwhile discussion topic – who understands the jargon used in organisations

|     |Word                     |Meaning                                       |Popular usage                                     |
|1   |Decimate                 |Cut by 10 per cent (clue is “dec… = a         |Devastate, destroy                               |
|     |                         |tenth)”)                                     |                                                 |
|2   |Exotic                   |From another country (clue is “ex ..” =       |Colourful, glamorous                             |
|     |                         |outside)                                     |                                                 |
|3   |Aggravate                 |Make worse (clue is “grav(e)” = serious)     |To annoy, irritate                               |
|4   |Clinical                 |Caring, at the bedside of the sick           |Cold, impersonal (perhaps we think of steel       |
|     |                         |                                             |surgical instruments)                             |
|5   |Avid                     |Greedy (clue – avarice)                       |Enthusiastic                                     |
|6   |Reliability               |Can be repeated                               |In this context students often think this refers |
|     |                         |                                             |to truth, as in a reliable witness – is an       |
|     |...

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