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BUSM4171 – Group Case Study Assessment Guide
Value 30% - Due in the second class of Week 12
Group Assessment
In groups of 3 or 4 students you are required to write a case study analysis of a family business. For this, you are required to investigate a family business in Vietnam of your own choosing.  Your task is to find a family business willing to provide you with sufficient details about their family and business, and then to develop, analyse, and write up your own case study.

You are required to include a photo of the family business and a family genogram.

In order to show your understanding of the theory in the course, you will then write 4 questions and provide the answers for those questions based on the case study. This is intended to show how you can relate the course work to the real world situation that you have detailed in your case study. The choice of questions is determined by the students in relation to the case study.

In this situation as it may be difficult to find a family business that has been passed to the next generation, we will consider a suitable business to be any where two or more family members are involved, with one being in a shareholder role.

This Assignment requires students to demonstrate:
•    An understanding of the key frameworks, perspectives, concepts, ideas, and tools introduced in the course,
•    An ability to relate these frameworks, perspectives, concepts, ideas, and tools to one another in the form of a case study, and
•    An ability to creatively apply these frameworks, perspectives, concepts, ideas, and tools in differing contexts and in relation to a case study.


Case Study – 4 pages with sub headings. Introduction to the report, conclusion, table of contents and executive summary are not required, however you may include an introduction in the case study.

Family Business Photo (1 page)

Questions – 1 page per question with...

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