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Essay 1

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Managerial Control

Chapter Sixteen


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Learning Objectives
LO 1 Explain why companies develop control systems for employees. LO 2 Summarize how to design a basic bureaucratic control system. LO 3 Describe the purposes for using budgets as a control device. LO 4 Define basic types of financial statements and financial ratios used as controls. LO 5 List procedures for implementing effective control systems. LO 6 Identify ways in which organizations use market control mechanisms. LO 7 Discuss the use of clan control in an empowered organization.


Managerial Control
 Any process that directs the activities of individuals toward the achievement of organizational goals


Symptoms of an Out-of-Control Company
Table 16.1


The Control Process
Figure 16.1


Bureaucratic Control Systems
Bureaucratic control
 The use of rules, regulations, and authority to guide performance

Market control
 Control based on the use of pricing mechanisms and economic information to regulate activities within organizations


Bureaucratic Control Systems
Clan control
 Control based on the norms, values, shared goals, and trust among group members.


Characteristics of Control
Table 16.2


The Control Cycle
1. Setting performance standards. 2. Measuring performance. 3. Comparing performance against the
standards and determining deviations. 4. Taking action to correct problems and reinforce successes.


Setting Performance Standards
 Expected performance for a given goal: a target that establishes a desired performance level, motivates performance, and serves as a benchmark against which actual performance is assessed.


Measuring Performance
Written reports
Oral reports Personal observation

Comparing Performance with the Standard
Principle of...

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