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Ergonomics Essay

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A’Jahna Chapman
Computer Apps 1
17, December 2010
Ergonomics for Children
Most people who use computers are working in an improper setting. The lights are dim, they don’t use ergonomic chairs or the desks are not fit for working. Now and days children use computers all the time, whether it’s for school, games, or social networking.   The equipment children use to work could harm them in the future if they continue to use of improper ergonomics.  

Have you ever seen a child lean back in their chair while playing a game or sit at a desk that is too tall for them to see? Or even type an assignment in a dark or gloomy place? The equipment and setting I just described are improper ergonomic equipment or setting. A child or any person is never to use a chair that leans back because it is not supportive to your back. To type in a dark and gloomy place is not the right setting to do work in. There is much more improper ergonomic equipment use from children than the example given above.
Proper ergonomic equipment are usually adjustable. For example an ergonomic chair is one that can go up or down and has a supportive back for your back. An ergonomic desk is a desk that can also go up and down.   Microsoft has a ergonomic keyboard that includes customizable hot keys, zoom scroll, improved number pad, ergonomic design, integrated palm rest and lockable keys (Microsoft Corporation).
Most children are unaware of the ergonomic principles and because of this can lead to injuries in their future. Being kid’s they are not concerned with posture or wrist position while doing an activity. Or the lighting setting they’re in at school or at home.   Without the knowledge of ergonomic principals this could harm them in the future. Teens are especially at risk now that they have more work to do. Experts agree that teenagers are most at risk. They do homework on the computer, and are able to sit at the computer...

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