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Environmental Science Essay

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The Impact of Dams on the Environment
Roosevelt B. Rogers
Everest University
August 16, 2013

The Impact of Dams on the Environment
• Briefly describe overgrazing, overcultivation, and defrostation and how each can be
The three major causes of soil erosion are overgrazing, over-cultivation, and defrostation.
These are each all major problems in creating an unsustainable society. The good thing is that each of these causes of erosion can be corrected to create a more sustainable society.
Overgrazing is the phenomenon of grazing animals in greater numbers that the land can support in the long term. Due to animals consuming more grass than can be produced, the ground becomes sparse leaving the soil exposed to erosion. Wind and water erosion then damages the soil left unprotected. To help prevent overgrazing the NRCS (U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Services) has a program (the Conservation Stewardship Program) that provides information and support to enable ranchers who own their lands to burn unwanted woody plants, reseed the land with perennial grass varieties that hold water and manage cattle so that herds are moved to a new location before overgrazing occurs. These steps should help supply enough area and grass to prevent an insufficient supply for grazing. This problem, if left untreated, could also pose a serious threat to the food chain.
`Over-cultivation is the practice of repeatedly cultivating and growing crops more rapidly than the soil can regenerate, leading to a decline in soil quality and productivity. Preparation in growing crop and after the harvest of crop, the soil is left exposed to erosion. Water and wind cause this erosion to take place. Plowing is frequently considered necessary to loosen the soil to improve aeration and infiltration through it, yet all too often the effect is just the reverse. The weight of the tractors cause the soil to become impacted which makes the soil more susceptible to erosion....

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