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Environmental Polution Essay

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Environmental Pollution
November 13, 2013

Environmental Pollution
Around the world people talk, text, surf the web, and watch the movies on small mobile devices.   Mobile devices known as cell phones are more powerful today than early full size computers.   Personnel cell phones not only connect us to others, but are an essential part of business.   Cell phones have a significant role in today's society, they offer the ability to keep in touch with family and loved ones, business associates, and double as a navigation system.   With all the good cell phones have to offer, there is a dark side.   Cell phone usage is a possible health risk, a threat to the environment, and a resource consumer.  
Most people see a cell phone as an easy way to communicate, stay connected and to play games, they do not see it as a health hazard.   How can a cell phone be a health hazard many will ask.   One reason that cell phone usage is unsafe for people is that they increase in pedestrian injuries.   Studies utilized emergency room data from 100 hospitals around the country that show that pedestrian injuries have more than doubled since 2005   (Smola, 2013).   With more people using their phone while walking, running and driving the numbers can only go up.   Another more deadly risk also exists with cell phone usage.   Studies have been conducted as to whether cell phone usage is related to cancer.   "The American Cancer Society (ACS) states that the IARC classification means that there could be some risk associated with cancer, but the evidence is not strong enough to be considered causal and needs to be investigated further"   (National Cancer Institute, 2013, para 13).   Several other organizations have conducted studies and have determined a significant cause of cancer but has not proven it isn't.   Cell phones not only cause harm to people but it is harmful to the environment as well.
When shopping for a cell phone there are many different size, models and makes to choose from....

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