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Enviromental Science Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Writing Assignment #4 ENS 314
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Date of Submission: 26 October 2013
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  1. Why is it important to protect the tropical rainforests? Provide three reasons to support your answer.
There are several reasons to protect the rainforests starting with the simplest reason; these forests cover less than 6% of the earth’s surface with much of the tropical forested area already having significant damage due to human encroachment.   Secondly, the Tropical rainforest has been a source of many leading medications using the plants molecular structure as its guide and finally, this forest if destroyed will remove large areas of carbon dioxide recycling plants which may strain an already stressed ecological system resulting in the increased presence of green house gases.
“Tropical rain forests only cover about 6% of the earth’s land surface, and produce 40% of the earth’s oxygen”. Blueplanetbiomes. That is a very significant statement on the nature and importance of the Tropical rainforest. Realistically speaking is it too much of a leap to reserve 10% of the earth’s land surface area to ensure the survivability of the earth.   Additionally, the tropical rain forests is the home to literally thousands of species of organisms’, many of which are yet to be discovered or catalogued. The awesome richness of this area in relation to the low percentage of earth space it covers should be sound enough reason alone to justify its preservation.
It was not until the eighties when researchers began to discover these forests had the ability to heal.   Prior to...

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