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Entry Level Questionnaire for Hse Engineer Essay

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  • on February 25, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Entry Level Questionnaire for Hse Engineer" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Q.1 Define H2S and its characteristics and allowable limit.
Ans. H2S- It is a highly poisonous gas produced by decaying of organic substances.   A common hazard in oil&gas industry, which got a characteristic to deaden the sense of smell, if exposed to a high concentration for prolonged time.
Characteristics of H2S:-
  * odor of rotten egg even at very low concentration below 1ppm (parts per million).
  * Flammable
  * Colorless gas.
  * Extremely corrosive .
  * Soluble in water, crude oil or oil fraction (while the liquid turbulate, H2S will get released)
  * Burns with blue flame releasing another toxic gas- Sulphur di Oxide (SO2).
Effects- 0-5ppm – eye complaints, irritations, rotten egg smell, bronchial constriction for asthma patients.
10 ppm- decreased Oxygen intake, increased blood lactate concentration(feeling tired),
  20 pm- fatigue, loss of appetite, head ache, irritability, poor memory, dizziness.
>100 ppm (more than) – olfactory paralysis (smelling system).
>400 ppm (more than)- respiratory distress (difficulty in breathing)
> 500 ppm- Death.

STEL – short term exposure limit
TWA – Time weighted average

Q.2.   Define IFR and Severity Rate.
Ans. Injury Frequency Rate (IFR) – Number of Injuries divided by Total Manhours worked per One Million (1,000,000). (No of Injuries/Total manhours worked) x 1000,000.
Incident Severity Rate (ISR) – Number of Lost Time Injuries (LTI) divided by Total Manhours worked per One Million.   (No of LTI/ Total Manhours worked) x 1000,000.

Q3: Define arrestors:
Arrestor is a device that prevents or stops a specified thing.
Spark arrestor keeps the sparks from escaping outside.
Lightning arrestor is a protective device for electrical equipment that reduces excessive voltage from lightning to a safe level by grounding.

Q4.Explain Confined space and different types of gases in confined space.
Ans. Confined Space is a space which is large enough for a person to enter and perform...

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