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Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy Essay

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Shekia Lightbourne N01400615 Entrepreneurial Marketing Report # 1 Company Name: Juicin' for Life!

“Juicin for Life” is one of the most modern cutting-edge businesses to be introduced to the Bahamas in late 2013. The first ever juice bar of its kind in Nassau, serves up fresh juices, smoothies and other liquid food delicacies, 100 percent natural with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Proprietor, Renee Davis, stated in an interview with a local media source “I would say it is a little new to the Bahamas but not new to the world. In all my travels this is something that has always excited me. I think my first trip to Brazil in 1996 was when I really grasped this whole concept of juicing.” Although it is the only one of its kind , competition still does exist for the new juice bar. Other health conscious businesses that promote individual well-being such as gyms, nutrition stores and fitness clubs have been serving detox fitness drinks, juices, smoothies, and their ingredients for many years and have been very successful at it. However, “Juicin for Life” have been able to seperate themselves from their competition at this early stage. The blue print for their early success is layed out below.

1. Market Driven Strategies- Distinguishing unique value proposition, distinctive competencies, and competetive advantage.
Before launching Renee Davis answered the question “ What am I selling to whom, and why will they buy?” She has strategically positioned herself for success, gaining the competitive advantage. Underlining her unique value proposition, distinguishing herself from her competitors, she has created sustainable value for her product & service in the dimensions of : 1. Performance Value- Delivering a variety of juices , smoothies, and shakes containing solely all natural ingredients and antioxidants known to cleanse the body and promote a healthy lifestyle. The product offering is reliable, customers can count on the natural ingredients to perform the...

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