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Entertainment Media Essay

  • Submitted by: srh999012
  • on March 27, 2014
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Entertainment media has shaped American culture in many ways over the years. With the newer generations taking over the entertainment audiences the content of media is becoming controversial with the older generations. Sex and drugs are displayed more frequently in the media of today than it was thirty years ago when those trends really started becoming a wide spread part of American culture. T.V. shows, movies, and music are using sex and drugs to capture their audiences; and it works. The Baby Boomer generation, as well as Generation X sees this content as inappropriate material to be viewed in society; but with Generation Y this form of media actually depicts how the “Pot Culture” is on the rise. Over the years forms of media have sprung new principles within existing cultures; with the birth of Rock and Roll a somewhat rebellious trend has occurred in the eyes of the older generations, but is just society moving forward to the younger generations.
Whether or not these changes in culture are positive or negative depends on the particular person’s views and moral beliefs. Obviously children viewing content displaying sex and drugs are not a positive influence; however, that is what sells in today’s society. It is up to the parents of these children to monitor and control what types of media they can access and view, until they reach an appropriate age to make their own decision on what they want to watch. Parental controls are easily set up to ensure the content children are viewing is acceptable and not harmful their behavioral development.
The entertainment media is both a reflection of and a catalyst for societal behaviors and attitudes. While the media is giving us what to think about, they cannot tell you what to think. A person’s thoughts and ideas on any particular topic are their decisions to make and no one else’s. The media gets their ideas for from growing trends in our culture; but at the same time, it helps to shape these trends through forms of...

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