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Entering The Conversation-This Boy's Life Essay

  • Submitted by: macknkeagsmom
  • on March 18, 2012
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Entering-the-Conversation Project

Many children utilize the act of lying to get through their childhood as Tobias Wolff brilliantly displays in his essay “This Boy's Life”. I find this essay intriguing because he is so truthful in the retelling of his younger years.   What follows is an analysis of his persona and credibility as it is displayed in this essay.

I really identified with his young self in many ways and find him to be an author I would like to read more of.   I appreciate the believability of his work and how he draws you in to his life through the use of vivid images and the truthful retelling of his story.  
I worked on this project in many stages.   I reread all the handouts, went over my notes from class, read scores of criticisms, and reread the whole essay and scanned it several times also.   I wrote down several pages of notes before starting to put it all together on the computer.   I tried to spread my time over the course of the whole week since I am a single mom, have school in the mornings, work 2 jobs and have 2 kids in sports and rarely have a big block of time.   And I tried to stay calm and go to bed by 2am!  

Literary Analysis of Tobias Wolff's “This Boy's Life”

Tobias Wolff is telling the story of his childhood fraught with sadness and misery.   In order to escape, he becomes a liar and deceiver.   On occasion, we do see his good side, his conscious, his moral center surface and we realize that under that tough exterior is a little boy who wants to belong and be loved.

In reading Tobias Wolff's essay “This Boys Life”, one can see how he uses white space, honesty, irony and vivid imagery to show his persona and aid in showing his credibility.   These elements combine to create a story that is not only interesting to read, but also very believable.  

Wolff uses white space sparingly.   He uses it to jump from a scene into a summary at times, showing a wiser, retrospective side, showing us his moral center.   He uses this method...

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