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Ensure Team Essay

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You have recently accepted an employment position with a large, high profile jewellers firm, the organisation manufactures, imports and repairs jewellery for distributing to its main stores in all States. Your position is “Team Leader of Distribution and Warehousing’ – a frontline management position.
There are twelve team members, from different backgrounds and with differing levels of expertise. Some team members have worked with the organisation and in this division, for a number of years. Other team members are relatively new, while some have worked in other departments / sections of the organisation before being transferred to your division. The reason for your appointment is that departmental productivity (outputs) has not been meeting the organisation’s expectations.
The senior managers of the organisation have identified some problems in the team:
• Communication between team members appears to be strained at times
• Levels of co-operation are falling
• Communication with other teams within the organisation is not as good as it should be
• There is no one currently taking on the leadership role
• Prioritisation of tasks appears to occur on an ad hoc basis

While each of the team members was selected for their role on the basis of demonstrated skills and expertise, they seem unable to work together effectively. Your initial role, therefore is that of trouble shooter, problem solver and team facilitator. You need to bring this group of people together to form a cohesive, effective and productive team. How will you do this? Explain in logical sequence, what methods you would use to develop the working capacity of your team. Give reason for each of your actions and the expected outcomes. What are the timeframes that these actions will occur within? What will you do if these measures do not work?

In your report consider:
• team roles and dynamics
• the various stages of team development
• the importance of agreed goals

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