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Enlgish 101 Essay

  • Submitted by: jalva1
  • on March 24, 2014
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Jessica Alva
Professor Tafarella
English 101
Got Questions?
I have always been curious to sit down with a psychic to find out what my reading would be, at the same time nervous and scared that I would find out something disappointing so I avoid going. I remember as a child watching a kiddie movie called Space Jam and I recall a part in the movie where a psychic reader was telling a group of basketball players their futures. At that point, I believed that an actual person could read another person’s future, even though I knew the movie was just a kiddie flick I still believed it. My imagination as a kid was full of curiosities; now that I am a wiser individual, I have my doubts about the whole “psychic reading” topic.
When the words “psychic” or “mediums” comes to mind I have an image of a woman in a gown, with a crystal ball, sitting at a table with tarot cards laid out ready for a client. But throughout my childhood I have looked at these so called psychics   as superheroes that hold some kind of psychic powers that no one believes that is to possible to hold. These psychic powers were seen in cartoons such as Superman, Batman, X-men, and TMT. I am older now and I do not have an imagination of wonders like those that I did.   I doubt that anyone can hold such powers; most people have set ideas on what a psychic is and what a psychic does. Some people are right (those who have experienced a psychic reading of course) but many are wrong. There are many misconceptions around.   I believe that something of such kind is nonexistent, and I doubt Psychic reading merely for five reasons.

The first reason why I doubt psychic reading is that fake psychic mediums and scam artist ask a lot of questions, and these so called psychics are not remotely psychic.

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