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English Paper For The Tradgedy Of Julies Cesar

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  • on March 17, 2012
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In the story The Tragedy of Julius Ceaser, William shakespeare, demonstrates that Antony is an honorable person,by showing and proving to Ceasar that he never betrayed him and never did anything against him. 1st some qualities that marie Antony an honorable person would be that he was allways was loyal to ceasar through his life time and never betrayed him. In Page. 257 sentence. 20-22 of The Tragedy of Julius Ceaser, Antony says " I do beseech ye, if you bear me hard,now,whilst your purpled hands do reek and smoke, fulfill your pleasure. Live a thousand years ,i shall not find myself so apt to die". Which said that he was loyal to ceasar and would be an honor to die right after him and in the same way and the same weapon. This proves that Antony was an honorable Person.
Another way that William Shakespeare showed Antony as an honorable character are with Antony's actions. A very important action is when Antony spoke about Ceaser at his funeral in Act 3. Antony said: "Bear with me, my heart is in the coffin there with ceasar,and I must pause till it comes back to me." Antony is showing emotion to ceasar, which is also very honorable actions.
Antony   also shows his honor on Page. 354 Sentence. 15-16 when he says "Have patience, gentle friends,i must not read it. It is not meet you know now ceasar loved you." Antony is saying to the romans that he will not read his will because it would make them hate conspicy and brutus and is trying to show the romans that ceasar was still a great person and did many good things for Rome. Would Antony have done this if he did'nt have honor? No,he would'nt have.
Brutus is not an honorable man because he was a very good friend to ceasar and he got his mind changed with such little evidence, Brutus also stabed Ceasar wich was the most painfull for Ceasar wich was the most painful for Ceasar,to see his friend Brutus betray him. Ceasar in said "Et To, Brute? -- Then fall Ceasar!" Which was the stab that Brutus did that Killed Ceasar...

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