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English Exercise Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "English Exercise" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Practice test 15
I. Choose the word whose underline part is pronounced differently from other
1. A. character | B. church | C. armchair | D. kitchen |
2. A. pleasant | B. appeal | C. reason | D. teapot |
II. Choose the word whose main stress is different from others
1. A. Vietnamese | B. equipment | C. understand | D. volunteer |
2. A. Aborigine | B. necessary | C. preference | D. concentrate |
3. A. postpone | B. religion | C. potential | D. record (n) |
III. Fill a suitable word in each blank to complete the passage
I read this week that a new organisation called “Don’t Trust Online Information” has been formed. The founder, Douglas Haverford-West, is quoted as saying, “It’s (1)............ my principles to trust anything I read on the Internet. I’ve started this organisation (2)......... the belief that there are millions like me who (3) …...… their doubts about information presented as fact that has not gone through a thorough editorial process. There’s no question (4) …...… us shutting down the Internet - we don’t want to do that - but DTOI has been set up with a (5) …...… to raising awareness”. I sympathise with Haverford-West, but I believe he’s wrong. I make up my (6)........... long ago not to completely trust anything I heard or read. Whether it’s on the Internet or, say, in a newspaper, is irrelevant in my opinion.
IV. Choose the correct answer
1. _______ that she burst into tears.
A. Her anger was such   | B. So angry she was   | C. She was so anger   | D. Such her anger was |
2. He was ______ speaker!
A. so good a   | B. what a good   | C. so a good | D. how good a |
3. I just took it ______ that he’d always be available.
A. for granted   | B. into consideration   | C. easy   | D. into account |
4. The case against the corruption scandal was ______.
A. discarded   | B. refused   | C. eliminated   | D. dismissed |
5. She nearly lost her own life ______ attempting to save the child from drowning.
A. at   | B. with   |...

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