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English Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The novel The China Coin written by Allan Baillie published 1991, clearly explores the concept of belonging through the characterisation of Leah and her relationships with other people, places, groups, communities and the larger world.
The connection with her mother Joan has been changed positively and gradually as the novel develops. This is revealed through an emotional image “Leah took Joan’s hand and squeezed”. This image is a demonstration for a change in Leah perception about her mother. Leah now enables to perceive Joan’s sadness and regret about her father death. By doing this, it allows the audiences to realise that the connection between Lean and Joan has been rebuilt and ameliorated. Moreover, the image also shows that Leah is empathising and sharing a same feeling with Joan. Leah starts to step further in understanding her mother since they both deeply love David Water. She has a strong relationship with her mother Joan and she is also rebuilding that relationship.
The acceptance of a new family and make up a close and strong relationship between people bring out the sense of belonging to people as a group of family. The character Leah uses exclusive language of “Yes, we are family” as a representation of connection to Joan family in Good Field Village. The word “we” shows the close relationship between her and the entire member of Joan’s family. It represents the change of Leah’s perception about Joan family and starts to accept Joan’s family. The sadness and regret also determine the strong connection between Leah to her new family. She is beginning to identify with her Chinese family and experiences a sense of belonging to them.
The relationships of the characters have become better and completely improved. Authors have successfully used the dialogue between mother and daughter to say they have absolutely become a family. By using this method, the conversation between Leah and Joan reveals the love of mother and child has been greatly improved....

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