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Engelsk Essay

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  • on August 31, 2013
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The empire there is talking about is the British Empire where the suns never sets, and it means that the British Empire was so big at the time that when the sun got down one place it stood up another. The British Empire was at its highest around 1922.
The text An ABC for baby patriots is written in an easy way to read and it express that the British Empire was a very proud empire at the time. “A is the Army, that dies for the Queen; It’s the very best Army, that ever was seen” the quote tells that the army is one of the greatest ting the empire have because the army were willing to die for their Queen. The empire was very happy with India and some other lands because of their great prosperity with trade. “C is for Colonies, Rightly we boast, That of all the great nations, Great Britain has most”, the quote says that the British empire was very proud to have so many colonies, not just because they had   so much more power, but also because some of the colonies was great with treading.
“W is the Word, Of an Englishman true; When given, it means, What he says, he will do”, the English man is an loyal and serving man, he do the things he say and in a way that can be accepted by any other English man. He is loyal to his country and serves it with proud.
Most of the British colonies become independent after World War 2, example independent for India was in 1947. The empire promoted its self like it was the biggest and the greatest empire and the most important in the world, but did people received it in a good or a bad way?. The British people may have think that the empire was the biggest and the greatest, but in the colonies even now some of them still suffer under the time where they were a colony under the British Empire.
In a conclusion we can say that the British Empire gain a lots of power and out of that power they gain more, and the empire was some of the biggest in a very long time, but in the end after all that time they lost their power and all...

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