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Eng 240 Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Glover Roston
Essay 2
C & C

Although Shakespeare and Jong Donne share the same time frame they differ in their works but not by much. Shakespeare sonnet #147 and John Donne’s #19 are quite different, however they have some similarities. I will attempt to explore in detail the unique differences and similar attributes of each sonnet as well as discuss in brief the history surrounding these two great sonneteers.

Shakespeare paints a not so pleasant picture of love describing it as his “ailment” that has caused a dependency to love. His purpose however is to attempt to cure his illness, but an unfortunate thing happens. He realizes that his affection has surpassed his own sanity. He states “Angry that his prescriptions are not kept,” this leaves the orator in an abstract state of mind. He continues to realize that his condition which includes the symptom of sexual urges for a woman of “questionable virtue” is the driving force behind his pending fate.
In the third quatrain the writer confesses that he has reached the brink of a mental breakdown. His love has eroded his natural mind and he has transitioned to an uncaring man. “Past cure I am, now reason is past care.” Commonly with the English sonnet they are composed of three verses also known as quatrains combined uses of black verse help to summarize the poem. However, the sonnets of Shakespeare rarely follow the rules. The three quatrains describe the poet’s internal battle to endure the self-admission that his lover is perhaps unfaithful and this still does not deter him from having an unrelenting need for sexual gratification.  

Even though a majority of the sonnets lines do appear as the standard iambic pentameter the form of the poem does alternate between different stress patterns. The patterns of stress fluctuate from the normal iambic pattern to the trochaic and anapestic. The purpose for varying stress patterns is to highlight a specific section of the text. These aspects of a sonnet...

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