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Energy Resources (Alternative) Essay

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Energy resources in the Caribbean

Name: Amana Brown
Class: 10s1
Teacher: Ms. Harrison
Title: Energy Resources in the Caribbean
Aim: To discuss the use of energy from alternative sources in the

This project discusses the main energy resource in the Caribbean and the implications of relying on and using this energy resource. Also will be explained is the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy resources. In addition, alternate energy resources and how energy is released from three (3) of them will also be discussed. Ways of conserving energy will be considered as well. These and other things will be discussed in this project. Pictures and diagrams will be included to explain the topics clearly.

Popular energy source in the Caribbean- oil

For a fact, oil is the most common source of energy in the Caribbean. Oil is the dominant fuel, accounting for about 92% of total 2001 energy consumption.┬áTrinidad and Tobago is the main supplier of oil to the Caribbean through the PetroCaribe agreement, formed in 2005, which provides oil on attractive financing terms. Trinidad and Tobago contains the majority of the Caribbean's oil production.   Oil is indeed found in the Caribbean, specifically in the two countries that have their own oil industry: Barbados, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago. Countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic etc. have to import their oil through the PetroCaribe agreement. Countries in the Caribbean that have oil do utilize it in ways that benefit the country.┬áTrinidad and Tobago, for instance, is the leading Caribbean producer of oil and its economy is heavily dependent upon this resource. Oil and gas account for about 40% of gross domestic produce.

Negatives of relying on and using oil

There are many implications on relying and using oil and pollution is just one of them. Many experts believe we have already hit the "Peak" oil stage, which means we are going to run out...

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