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Encounter Conflict - Quiet American Piece Essay

  • Submitted by: MoniqueNogueira
  • on September 3, 2013
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‘There is always more than one side to any conflict’

I, myself, am no stranger to the term conflict, nor am I ignorant to the effects of war, as I have witnessed first hand, the trauma that results from such events. My years spent as a British times reporter, covering the catastrophe that is the Indochinese war, allowed me to pick up a thing or two about the way in which conflict operates all over the world. The truth is that conflict is never as simple as it seems, and that there is never only one side to the disagreement. Technically speaking, conflict is a clash between two or more opposing groups or Individuals. Therefore without an opposing idea or reason there would be no reason to bicker to begin with.   Conflict comes in many strengths and forms, ranging from a disagreement relating to divorce all the way to the devastation that can results from differences of opinions between countries such as France, Vietnam and also America in my belief. Even the example of a friend falling for someone you love, can highlight the different sides that develop to cause that initial conflict. Without the conflicting sides all with their own opinions, it would be reasonable to say that their would be no conflict at all and the world would be a better and more peaceful place.

Over the past few years, i myself, have been bombarded by the idea that it takes two sides two create conflict. A difference of opinions between my wife and I, in relation to the subject of divorce has resulted in aggravation between myself and her. Her christian beliefs on marriage lead her to disagree with the suggestion completely. Moreover my motivation to marry another Women encourages me to do so. Two sides to the one story, two opposite or disagreeing points of view is all its took to cause friction between Helen and I. I think its safe to say that if we both agreed on the matter, either side of view, that it would be much easier to achieve peace between us.

Although little day to day...

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