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Emr-Ddr-Srs Research Essay

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in healthcare sector

APRIL 2014

Do you know that The average person types at 39 words per minute, 19 words per minute if editing is required. The average person speaks at 200+ words per minute. Speech recognition technology recognizes the words you are dictating and ‘types’ them for you, resulting in significantly faster document turnaround time
Granted, people have been talking into machines and at machines since the days of Edison’s phonograph. By the 1980s, commercial speech recognition systems had become sophisticated enough to transcribe spoken words into text. Today, voice technology is a fixture of many companies’ customer-service operations, albeit an occasionally maddening one.
But now the race is on to make the voice the sought-after new interface between us and our technology. The results could rival innovations like the computer mouse and the graphic icon and, some experts say, eventually pose challenges for giants like Google by bypassing their traditional search engines.
Are you interested? Intrigued? If yes, please read our current research, in which we will show the use of digital dictation and speech recognition technologies in healthcare sector. Besides, we will study what has driven the use of these technologies in healthcare- Electronic Medical Records( EMR). The focus of our research will be 4 countries: USA, Germany, Brazil and Russia.

Electronic Medical Records
EMR the abbreviated form of Electronic Medical Records is an application that has ample practical benefits with respect to one’s business. This is computerized software that facilitates document registration and keeps files. Utilized in medical facilities and hospitals, the EMR software is incredibly functional for all physicians and medical staff members. These are more accurate and much safer compared to paper-based ones no wonder these are highly desired in the current era’s rapidly growing technological environment
1) USA

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