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Employee Portfolio Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing Employee Portfolio Plan
MGT/311 Organizational Development
      August 27, 2013

Riordan Management Employee Portfolio
      Within most organizations, managers find it necessary to evaluate employees to determine whether or not he or she is meeting expectations and assess improvements.   Assessments help acknowledge where employees are lacking in performance or exceeding in his or her skills.   Based off the three self-assessments taken, the employees illustrated high scores in all categories of satisfaction, engagement, feelings, effect intensity, emotional intelligence, and decision-making.   Each characteristic has potential in growth within the organization should they continue to be creative with other team members and meet the expectations within the company.   Robbins and Judge (2011, Chapter 3) indicated,
      “A person with a high level of job satisfaction is more engaged and holds positive feelings about his or her job.”   An employee not satisfied with his or her job might not be willing to succeed expectations and create a more negative outlook toward his or her work.
      Negativity within the office can create an in balance of emotions and cause unnecessary conflict between coworkers.   After scoring the assessments, Riordan found that each employee can work well as a team and exerted a positive energy.   To achieve company expectations, the employee’s performance is critical.   Without these self-evaluations, Riordan Manufacturing cannot how an employee is feeling.   Determination is important as it helps an organization to process work efficiently and meet quarterly goals.   The Trusted Professional (2004) stated, “When employees are aware that the company is mindful of their performance and that they could be rewarded with merit increases and promotions, they are motivated to work harder”. (The Importance of a Performance...

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