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Employee Essay

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Motivation is one of the most crucial elements of an organization’s functioning. This is what gathers people together and gets the work done in the best possible way. Motivation is given a great attention, because it influences every part of the business. An organization cannot be functioning without people. It cannot be successful without its employees working together as a team toward the same goal. However, motivating people is one of the most difficult tasks for every manager. Every employee in the company is, first of all, an individual. As any individual, each employer has its own needs and beliefs. Managers have to find the way to set a required environment for everyone to feel satisfied and necessary for the company.
“Motivation represents the forces acting on or within a person that causes the person to behave in a specific, goal-directed manner. Because the motives of employees affect their productivity, one of management’s jobs is to channel employee motivation effectively toward achieving organizational goals. However, motivation isn’t the same as performance.” The most highly motivated employees may not be successful in their jobs; especially if they don’t have the competencies needed to perform the jobs or they work under favorable job conditions. Job performances involves more than motivation, motivation is an important factor in achieving high performance.
Some advantages on employee motivation: achieving goals; gaining a positive perspective; create the power to change; build self-esteem and capability; managing your own development and helping others with theirs.
Companies such as Apple motivate their employees. There are many methods Apple gives to motivate its employees. According to Maslow’s theory, low-order need should be taken as priority. In Apple position, they have fulfilled their employee needs of physiological by setting an average salary of $ 108,483 which basically can ensure survival. Then, Apple also provides a wide range of...

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