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Emotion & Addiction Essay

  • Submitted by: fuzzyfeet
  • on March 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Emotion & Addiction" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Disease model of addiction
At least in some cases, addiction is accompanied by impaired performance in brain pathways involved in response inhibition. The concept of the disease model (jellineck 1960) suggests that underlying addiction involves changes in the brain structure or function that lead people to do things against their will.
Loss of control
Experience a sincere desire to stop,show evidence of making strenuous efforts-but cant.. ie may only say will have one or two drinks but cant stop after them one or 2. May have long period of absence but will still go back to addictive behaviour
Importance of craving
Lies at heart of this theory. Even if ther is choice addict will not see it, there is only compulsion. It overwhelms the individual with totally dominating thoughts and feelings, to the point where the individual will exclude everthing else.
Difficulty that faces the disease model. After years, decide on day enough is enough come to cease. It can only be presumed that whatever abnormality that was in the brain in the first face has normalised or that they were never addicted in the first place.
Issues and evaluation
The diease model has been criticised as misleading by implying addicts are onlookers and the only way of stopping the addiction is by physical restraint. (skog 2000)
Modern techihnoloy has let us see that being involved in taking drugs, certain brai part lights up so BILOGICAL   disease, so addiction is not loigical; and rational. But it is EASY to assign a model of disease to explain it. But it is a way of removing the guilt removing the shame as I am not at fault.

Rational choice theory of addiction
Becker and murphy (1988)
Suggests that addiction is brought about by an increase in assumption of goods ir drugs, alcohol sex.. as a result of past consumption, this the present consumption leads to an increase in future consumption. It can explain both harmful addiction like drugs and beneficial addiction like religion....

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