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Egypt: Their Culture, Politics, and Problems Essay

  • Submitted by: leeanne1951
  • on September 1, 2013
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Egypt: Their Culture, Politics, and Problems
Lee A. Bayliffe
SOC 315
Sharon Methvin
February 25, 2013

Egypt has a rich history and an enduring legacy and I have always been fascinated by Egyptian history.   As with all countries, Egypt has a unique culture, politics, and problems. The region has been a hot spot for political and cultural clashes as it appears that the radical Islamists are driven to maintain rule of the country with an iron fist.   Religious beliefs seem to have the strongest influence on their culture and politics.   Other problems that plague the country are women’s rights and child labor issues which to Islam is not a problem at all.   On the other hand, these violations of rights are causing the country to suffer in that most children work instead of going to school adding to the illiteracy rates for Egypt.   Treatment of women’s rights should be considered a nation shame because women are considered a possession and not a loved and cherished member of the family.   This paper will take a look at these issues and others that make up the countries’ largest problems and the culture and politics of Egypt along with the religion that drives this country forward.
Politics in Egypt  
In April 1987, Mubarak stated, "we are providing doses of democracy in proportion to our ability to absorb them. We are forging ahead but we need time for our democracy to fully develop” (Stacher, 2001).   However, after twenty-six years the country, while making small steps forward, is still far behind in the progress to become a democracy.   Change is difficult and requires work to accomplish but when change is for the best it is worth all of the difficulty. Religious beliefs can also factor into political discord in the non-Western world. Sometimes these divisions are within a religion's creed, such as Islam's jihad, or struggle to defend the Islamic faith (Mislan & Sarkisian, 2012).   One must mention that the newly introduced socialist ideology...

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