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Efficiency Words and Sentences Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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老友记中经典高频口语 2008-07-24 19:33

1、I won’t let her go without a fight! 我不会轻易放过她的

2、It could happen to anyone./ It happens to anybody./ That happens. 谁都可能会遇到这种情况

3、I’m a laundry virgin.(注意virgin的用法,体会老美说话之鲜活)

4、I hear you. 我知道你要说什么。/ 我懂你的意思了

5、Nothing to see here!这里没什么好看的/看什么看!

6、Hello? Were we at the same table? 有没有搞错?(注意hello的用法,用疑问语气表示“有没有搞错?”)

7、You are so sweet/ that’s so sweet. 你真好。

8、I think it works for me. (work为口语中极其重要的小词)

9、Rachel, you are out of my league(等级,范畴). 你跟我不是同一类人

10、You are so cute. 你真好/真可爱

11、Given your situation, the options with the greatest chances for success would be surrogacy. (given表示考虑到的意思;非常简洁好用)

12、Let’s get the exam rolling. 现在开始考试了( get……rolling的用法)

13、Why don’t we give this a try?我们为何不试一下呢

14、Bravo on the hot nanny!为那个性感的保姆喝彩!/赞一下那个性感的保姆!(重点是brave on sth/sb这个句型,表示为……喝彩/赞叹的意思)['brɑ:'vəu]

15、My way or the highway.不听我的就滚蛋!(很漂亮的习语,压后韵)

16、I planed to go there but something just came up.我本想去那的,但突然有点事情(注意something just came up这个搭配)

17、That’s not the point.这不是关键/问题所在

18、(If) he shows up, we stick with him. 他一出现,我们就跟着他走(着重比较书面英语和标准的口语,表条件的if可以省略)[stik]

19、My life flashes before my eyes. 我的过往在我眼前浮现。

20、I have no idea what you have said不知道你在说什么(I don’t have the slightest idea……)“我不知道”不要总说I don’t know,太土了,可以说I have no idea或者I don’t have a clue……

21、Just follow my lead. 听我指挥好了。

22、Good for you!你真不错/好!(老友记中极其常见的赞扬、表扬句型)

23、Tet me put it this way, we’re having sex whether you’re here or not. (主要是前半句中put的用法,这里put等于say;极其标准的口语说法)

24、The more I worried about it, the more I couldn’t sleep.(the more……the more……越什么……就什么……;多学点这样的句型举一反三不论对口语还是写作都有帮助)

25、We’re more than happy to give you recommendations.(more han happy等于非常高兴)

26、Rachel, Can you pass me the TV guide? 能把电视报递给我吗?(非常实用的口语句型,叫别人递东西可以引用)

27、Not that it’s your business, but we did go out. (倒不是……不过……典型的绕弯子式美国思维模式)

28、We have to cut our trip short! 我们不得不中断旅行.(cut sth short打断话语;中断某事;)

29、This party stinks/ sucks!...

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