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Effects of Prohibition Essay

  • Submitted by: kfox96
  • on February 26, 2014
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Describe the effects of Prohibition in the USA in the 1920s
Prohibition was introduced in January 1920 in the USA, which meant that the manufacturing, selling, and drinking of alcohol became illegal. However, many people were willing to break the law and become involved with the illegal commodity. For it to be possible for the public to have somewhere to drink their alcohol, speakeasies were introduced. These were illegal drinking dens, usually disguised behind saloons as Jazz Clubs, and were a place for the people to drink their alcohol. Moonshine was a common type of alcohol that people could get hold of easily, and was made using homemade stills. However this turned out to be very dangerous and even poisonous. 5000 people died from drinking moonshine every year. Other alcohol was smuggled in from other places such as Mexico or Canada. Another effect of prohibition was a great surge in Gangsters, who uses the illegality of alcohol to their advantage by selling massive amounts of it. One of the most famous gangsters of the time was Al Capone, who was involved in organised crime, selling alcohol illegally, and became a celebrity. He even had a private army of 1,000 men who used sub-machine guns and sawn-off shotguns. There were around 200,000 speakeasies in the USA and 30,000 in New York City alone, and the majority of people knew of their whereabouts, but police and judges were bribed into ignoring the illegal drinking and were known as being on the take. 10% of these were sacked for taking bribe. Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith were two famous agents known for their determination to ignore bribes and close down the speakeasies and arrest the illegal drinkers. They wore disguises and raided 3,000 speakeasies, arrested 4,900 people and confiscated 3 million bottles of spirits in the first five and a half years; however this was still a tiny proportion. As an alternative to alcohol, some people turned to gambling or drugs, and there was a huge up rise in crime as gangs...

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