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Educational Standards Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Ellery Corley
Dr. Cline
Unit 7 Research Paper Part 5

The quality of the education that our elementary students are receiving is not meeting the benchmark set forth by the State of Arizona.   This is an ever present and growing issue facing our youth today.   Are students getting the education?   Are students getting the proper help and academic assistance they need?   Or, tragically, are our children not getting the education and being pushed through the system to meet the numbers that the State requires?
All too often, when a student displays an inability to grasp or learn the curriculum that is presented, they are labeled as lazy or a problem student.   There is an apparent lack of concern to root out the actual problem.   Most children go through grade school without even being tested for a disability. These disabilities could range from Hyperactivity and Dyslexia all the way to PDD and Asperger’s Syndrome.   The State mandates academic requirements that each student must meet, but ultimately it is up to the actual educational institution to enforce these requirements and thusly proactively seek a proper diagnosis of a perceived learning disability.  
Are the students with the academic disabilities being tested and diagnosed properly?   Most students today with a disability are improperly diagnosed with ADHD when there may be another issue at the root.   Most often ADHD is the mistaken diagnosis when the actual cause is PDD or Asperger’s syndrome. All too often it is just easier for all concerned, except the student, to say a child has ADHD and get them a prescription for Ritalin or Prozac and not look at the issue further.   This is just one key example of making sure that the testing and diagnosis is done correctly as to properly benefit the student.   With the proper diagnosis, a student can get the therapy necessary to have a successful academic career.
As of 2010, the current average of high school graduates for the state of Arizona is 74.7%....

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