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Educational Funding Essay

  • Submitted by: Harlie13
  • on September 2, 2013
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Return on Investment - Education Funding
Patti Craig
BUS 401
June 10, 2013
Erina Master

Return on Investment - Education Funding
When I dropped out of high school in the 12th grade I did not give school or a good education a second thought. I went on to become a wife and mother and figured my husband would always take care of me/us. This is how I was raised, the man was supposed to be the bread winner in the family while the woman stayed home to take care of the home and children, my how times have certainly changed as it is not at all like this anymore. With today’s economy it takes both the man and woman to be bread winners, but if one is single it can make a huge difference, it is much more difficult to get anywhere nowadays.
There were many factors in my decision to return to school and further my education, such as where I would be ten years from now. Would I still be working jobs that lead nowhere, would I ever have the thing in life that I wanted to have, and what kind of example would I be setting for my children and grandchildren. I also had two inspirations in my decision to return to school, one being my coworker at my current employer as she kept telling me that I was too good with numbers to be stuck in a job that will take me nowhere, my second inspiration was my eldest daughter, I was so very proud of her when she called to tell me that she was enrolled in college, she is the reason I decided to return to school.
I began to check out colleges that had online classes as this would be the only way I could attend college. Many of the enrollment advisors told me I would be eligible for financial aid, I was not sure about this, I knew there would be many costs such as tuition costs, the costs of books, and any other costs that would pertain to earning a degree. I wondered how I would repay the loans from receiving financial aid, and let’s not forget the interest on these student loans. I realized that once I earned the degrees I was seeking to...

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