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Education in China Essay

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Education in China
    Education in China today has been developing rapidly. In many provinces ,it is compulsory and free . Most children start school at the age of six .They attend five years at elementary school and six years at high school ,a student can start his higher education in a two-year college ,a four-year college ,a university or speacilised professional school .
      Most colleges admit the students on the basis of entrance examination records .The cost of college education is not very high .And the great part of it is met by their families, although student can get support from their college. Many students get scholarships from the schools, the government or foundations and organizations. The great progress has been made in China in the field of education. There is still a comparatively large part of population in the country who can not read and write.
    Dreams are products of sleepers’ mind. They include events and feelings that he has experienced. Most dreams are related to events of the day before the dream and the strong wishes of the dreamer. Many minor incidents of the hours before sleep appear in dreams. Few events more than two days old turn up. Deep wishes or fears especially those held since childhood often appear in dreams and many dreams fulfill such wishes, events in the sleepers’ surroundings, a loud noise, for example, may become part of the dream, but they do not cause dreams. Some dreams involve deep feelings that a person may not realize he has. Psychiatrists often use material from a patient's dream to help the person understand himself better. Dreaming may help maintain good learning ability, memory and emotional adjustment.
According to psychologists an emotion is aroused when a man or animal feel something as either bad or good. When a person feels like running away from something he thinks that hurt him we called this emotion fear. If the person wants to remove the danger by attacking it, we...

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