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Economic Social Change Essay

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Economic social change
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      Economic social change
      This is a very interesting topic that is causing a lot of debate in the society. It is not fair that the poor people had no policies to protect them from suffering from their prevailing conditions. In the 1980s, before the researchers of the first generation of poverty who were primarily economists there was a lot of poverty. These economic advisors articulated the program of eliminating the income poverty as one of the government goals. This is a paper that will review the economy social change and how the government had no obligation to help the poor in the society. This is an income poverty goal that the president declared to the public in 1964, but took a long time to be effective. It will be a descriptive statistical research. Different methods of data presentation will be applied as well.

      This is Johnson, who stated that the economy cannot be relied on to be what will determine whether the nation should rise above the poverty line. He stated that this would be eliminated by various factors that will be discussed as well. This will be done by improving labor markets, maintaining employment opportunities, fighting discrimination, improving health sectors, accelerating economic growth factors and assisting the disabled and aged (Gene, Ya-Lin & Wang, 2002). President Johnson claimed that structural factors should be emphasized so that the primary causes of poverty can be eliminated. He also stated that it was unfair to wait for much time to pass before they help the needy and provide them with a fair chance to develop like the rest of the people in the society. He also said that it is a modest goal to help the poor as income poverty is only a part of the poverty problem that the society is facing. There...

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