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Ece 315 Week 4 Assignment Literacy Lesson Plan

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Literacy Lesson Plan
Leslie Stillwagon
ECE315: Language Development in Young Children
Instructor:  Mar Navarro
March 17, 2014

Literacy Lesson Plan
Date: 03/17/2014Focus for lesson: literacyLesson plan No: 4Lesson objectives:   * The students should be able to identify parts of the topic discussed, the problems and be able to give solutions   * Students should be able to draw or write a response to show that they fully understand what is being taughtStandardsIn alignment with the language and literacy standards;   * The students will engage actively in the process of reading and use a variety of strategies of comprehension to get the meaning of what is being discussed (Blackburn, 2008).   * The students will play a part in the process of reading so that they can understand, respond as well as appreciate a wide variety of poetic, fiction and non-fiction texts.Lesson procedure Time | Teacher action | Student respond |
Introduction of the lesson 15mins | Revise with the students on how to read while analyzing the important parts of the text and show them how to summarize stories while capturing the important parts of the texts. | Students read the content and comprehend |
Main part of the lesson 40mins | Hand out the books to the students to read and discuss on how to analyze the content and write the vocabulary.Explain to them how to go about with questions and demonstrate using examples. | Students read, comprehend and make a summary from what is taught |
Supervise 10mins | Go round looking at how the students are faring and help those who did not understand well be able to accomplish the task given | |
Homework opportunities | Student support: Give support to any student who is less able | Extension activities |
Strategies to support learning of a second languageAccelerate the development of English literacy through helping students   * Make the connection between what they need to know in English and what they know in their first language...

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