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Early Retirement Essay

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Early Retirement - Research Paper


The concepts that are a part of the working world and how one enters into retirement is one that is also continuously altering and developing. As economics turn, as well as potentials and possibilities for individuals, are also different variables that factor into retiring among the elderly, as well as those who are reaching the correct age for retirement. This paper will examine what factors contribute to early retirement. This will include the demographics of individuals who have the potential of retiring early, the ages that factor in, as well as what occurs after retirement. One of the major problems that is hindering among those who retire is in relation to not being able to have enough financial support to stay retired. There will also be an examination of the gaps that occur with retirement and the inability to stay outside of the working world.

The data that was retrieved in order to examine the concepts of early retirement was found from the Office of Personnel Management, which is administered by the federal government. All data that was used pertaining to these files were considered in relation to the most important factors, as well as the most recent information. The results that were received all show how the concept of early retirement is one that is affecting society and the cultural means in which individuals are able to live with. The question that will be asked from this data is related to what the average age for early retirement is, as well as what demographic factors apply to this. Beyond this, there will be information retrieved in relation to how many individuals stay retired and how the expectations after retirement, such as moving back into the workforce, continue to change.

Literature Review

The concept of early retirement and the considerations that were made in relation to what early retirement means were first found in relation to other relevant information. According to the...

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