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E.A. Poe Raven Crp Essay

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  • on August 29, 2013
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Edgar Allen Poe

Section I: Significance of Title

In the poem the Raven, it is what the title says it is a poem of Raven. The Raven in the story in my opinion represents itself eating away at Poe because of his lost of his wife Lenore, the Raven is a scavenger bird that finds dead carcasses either beast or man and uses it as its food source in this story the carcass is Poe's memory of Lenore.

Section II: Author

One of the best horror writers of his time Edgar Allen Poe is renown for bringing his thoughts and feelings into his story's in an amazing and somewhat terrifying way. Both a curse and a blessing Poe has dealt with the loss of many people that he loves however were it not for these losses Poe would not be as well known as he is now.

Section II: Setting

Frequently said in the story the setting of this poem is inside of Poe's chamber, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire does to bring much delight, in way the presence of firelight gives the room an even more darker feel. Even more so when the Raven appears perched his chamber door.

Section IV: Plot

On a dark quiet night with no sound other than the crackling of the fire all manner of dark scary thoughts creep into any humans head, so the fact that they would creep into Poe's head is no surprise, but what is a surprise is what those thoughts say to Poe. Of course the constant sound of tapping is not a surprise but when that sound continues even those stating they are never frightened feel a chill on the back of there neck. With the constant tapping Poe denies the presence of dark forces by saying it is the wind or the embers of the fire, but as the tapping continues more chills creep down. “Someone must be at my chamber door” he says, moving across the room and slowly reaching for the door handle Poe hesitates but then with some burst of courage he opens the door only to find nothing. “Tiss the wind and nothing more” he says, again checking the window and sees no wind...

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