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E-Commerce Essay

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Assume you are the newly hired E-commerce Manager for Howard’s Cameras. Howard’s Cameras is a privately owned retailer of digital cameras with five stores in central Ohio. Howard’s carries all the major brands of digital cameras for consumers, and a few leading high-end brands for professional photographers. The stores also offer photo finishing, portrait services, accessories, scrapbook supplies, and other items of interest to casual and photo enthusiasts.
Business is strong, and customers of Howard’s Cameras often ask if there is a website for ordering cameras, prints, and other products. Howard’s Cameras hired you to help create and operate their first e-commerce website.
Your budget is $10,000. With this budget, you need to create a fully-functional e-commerce site and cover all expenses associated with the first year of operation. Of course, the e-commerce site will have ongoing cost as well, and you have a budget of $6,000 per year to keep the site running.
Network Solutions E-Commerce
Write a formal E-Commerce Operations Proposal to Howard Fast, the President of Howard’s Camera. In this proposal, compare and contrast the features of any three of the suppliers mentioned above. Recommend one of the suppliers as the final choice and explain the reasoning for your choice. Your E-Commerce Operations Proposal should include the following:
  1. Operational Requirements: What functions must your e-commerce solution provide? For example, describe the basic requirements the Howard’s Camera site will need for Project Planning, Graphic Design, Product Catalog, Search, Shopping Cart, Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Reporting, Customer Service, and Online Marketing.
  2. Comparison of Vendors: Describe the services offered by three recommended suppliers and explain...

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