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Duck and Cover Paper

  • Submitted by: frankp29
  • on February 25, 2014
  • Category: History
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Duck and Cover

Frank Pickett Jr.


Amy Champ

March 14 2012

Duck and Cover

I can relatively identify with living in the times of war and living through the threat of nuclear war. I believe it can be a little stressful to some possibly a bit frightful and scary to most people. The stress and fear of possible attacks could easily and eventually turn into hate or anger. Living in fear and uncertainty where or when something devastating and tragic as a nuclear bomb attack changes and puts a strain on life for everyone children to adults.

In my opinion terrorism has been around since the beginning of time. Any act of violence in an attempt to strike fear, hurt, or threaten civilization. I belief the threat itself back then was not as educated or thought out the way threats and terrorism is in these modern days, but a nuclear bomb being dropped in the United States is far more devastating than some of the minor terrorist attacks we have experienced during these current days of time not to include September 11th attacks. I believe terrorism then and now all falls under the same category being a bad seed hindering the positive growth of the United States and civilization. Something we as a people need to come together to attempt eliminate to the best of our ability domestically.

The threat back then was more predictable as I stated earlier not well thought out or creative, but now there are so many different types of threats we have to have a guard up almost at all times while living everyday life in several activities like traveling and working in certain businesses. The nuclear threat at that time would have had a more catastrophic death toll in a single attack than most modern terrorist attacks today.

In conclusion I believe terrorism is something that has cemented its legacy in history for the United States as well as many other countries that have experienced it and experiencing it will always be around as long as there is a...

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